by Bearsoft

3 G&G motors, one torque-y Cyma motor. No clue what any of the others are. The should all work. For someone who rebuilds and sells...

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by Bearsoft

These are basically brand new batteries; never fielded. Originally purchased for my rental fleet, but decided to go with lipos instead, so these have been...

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by Bearsoft

I am selling a complete HPA setup for an M4-style replica. This setup is super low-profile and will easily fit in a flat pack. Sorry,...

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by Bearsoft

WTS - These gearboxes are complete, but I can't promise they're working. These sold for $75 each. Quickchange spring (no clue what's in them for...

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by Bearsoft

WTS - The shells are in good shapes, they all still have triggers and microswitch assemblies. No guarantee any of them work. Not all the...

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by Admin

Testing the functionality and look of the Marketplace section.  

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