AirsoftMaine Field Rules

The goal of AirsoftMaine is to create standardized safety requirements throughout the State.  This way, players will know what to expect when they arrive at an AirsoftMaine field.

A bulk of these safety requirements are directly based on insurance requirements, as well as field owners’ experience.  Fields are allowed to impose stricter safety rules – like longer MEDs or lower joules, for example, but must not be more lax in the rules or the enforcement thereof.


Eye Protection

  • Must be ANSI 87.1 (or greater) impact compliant. A full seal is required.
  • Fields may require minors to have additional face ear and mouth protection
  • Mesh goggles are not allowed, mesh mouth masks are allowed.


  • Airsoft replicas only.
  • No realsteel or actual firearms of any type
  • No BB or pellet guns
  • No real knives allowed on the field (multitools and pocket knives are the exception, but they are to remain secured and not used for “knife kills”)
  • No homemade weapons or pyro
Field limits will be established and measured in joules. Fields may have lower limits for certain weapons/weapon classes, but may not exceed these safety limits:
  • General: 1.86j (400 FPS with 0.25g BBs)
  • DMR: 2.26j with 50′ MED (440 FPS with 0.25g BBs)
  • BASR: 3.51j with 100′ MED (550 FPS with 0.25g BBs)

Field Setup

Every AirsoftMaine field will have a clearly marked “safe zone”.  This is typically the parking and surrounding area. 

  • “Industry standard” barrel covers my be required.
  • No discharging replicas or dry-firing in the safe zone.
  • No grenades or smokes are to be used in the safe zone.
  • Cheating is expressly forbidden. 
  • Rules must be applied equally to all players.
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